Updating my website

Design and palettes

First of all, I wanted to create a website design because I hadn’t done it for a long time.

Design Dark Mode

The Dark Mode is trendy, and so I have decided to add it to my site, obviously, the palette’s colors change accordingly with a simple transition.

Graph Node — Cytoscape

I wanted to represent my interests and skills in a visual mode, and finally, I thought that a graph node was the right way.

  • Teaching
  • Articles
  • Projects


I wanted to play also with Composition API — this is a Vue project — and Typescript.


  • Vue 3 Composition API & Vue Router
  • Typescript
  • Animejs — animate svg
  • Cytoscape — create node graph from obj
  • Color Palettes Range — generate colors palette
  • Marked — parse md to HTML
  • Hljs — highlight code
  • Axios — ajax calls
  • Luxon — date format

What else?

I hope you could enjoy it!



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